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Safe Schools Training Modules Are Available Through MSGIA - Your School May Be Eligible for This Free Training Opportunity

Posted about 1 year ago by Lisa Flanagan

It has come to our attention that the Montana School Nurses have not been made aware of a free training opportunity. Through the MSGIA, we offer the Safe Schools Training for our membership. The schools in the WCRRP receive 15 classes plus the four training orientation modules made by MSGIA that are now offered through Safe Schools. For schools in both the WCRRP and the School Leaders Self Insurance Pool, there are over 350 different safety and health topics available.

Course libraries for the two programs can be found at:

It is very easy to get started. You may contact either of the Risk Management Associates at the MSGIA and they can help get you and your staff loaded into the program. Annette Satterly may be reached at 406-457-4410 or at and Harry Cheff may be reached at 406-457-5315 or at

The program has some nice capabilities. It will track who has taken the training. Emails may be sent not only to tell them that training is available but to remind them to take/finish the training. Reports can be generated and exported to Excel. Policies and procedures may be uploaded into the program and assigned to staff. Any training not conducted in the Safe Schools Program can also be tracked through an option called off-line training. And maybe the most important feature is that the program is very intuitive and user friendly.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact your Risk Management Associate.

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