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Comment period open for BON rule change hearing April 8, 2016

Posted almost 3 years ago by Cathy Dragonfly

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Dear Fellow School Nurses and other interested parties:

Please see the attached Board of Nursing Delegation Rule Notice. As many of you know, revising the delegation rules has been something MASN has worked on for many years. We initially formed a small focus group then proceeded to work with the BON along with other interested nurses in the Montana. The proposal that went to the BON last July has been reviewed and the only changes from that July proposal are several slight grammar edits.

Please note the link to submit written comments is but comments needs to be submitted no later than April 15 by 5 pm.
However the BON hearing is a week earlier on April 8 at 10 am in the Basement Conference Room of 301 South Park, Helena.
The spring conference as you know is April 18th so is AFTER the comment period.

Connie Bengston, Sue Buswell and I were on MASN's delegation subcommittee when the BON's Delegation committee was developing these rule changes. We encourage all of you to carefully read the proposed rules and to comment. If you feel something is unclear, then it is likely others also are unclear. If you have questions about the process, I might be able to answer some of those questions. You may want to compare the attachment to the current rules which can be found on the BON website As you will note, all definitions are being moved or subsumed into the definition chapter, also available on the BON website.

Thank you!!

Linda Simon BSN, RN
Health Services Supervisor
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