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MT Schools, We Need You! Take Our Important School Nurse Survey

Posted 20 days ago in Survey

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We are conducting a survey to understand the types and prevalence of health issues in MT schools and how districts address them. Your participation will help us gather valuable insights to improve health management in our schools.  Membership to MASN is not required.  

Here is what we would like you to consider:

1.)  Can you provide data for your District (not individual school data, but District level)?  Use this survey link to complete the survey during your end of year wrap up.

2)  Can you help us contact other Districts?  Would you volunteer to take on a county?  Please email me at  and I will work with you to get signed up and equipped with more information.  We do have a script and some other tools to help guide you. 

Our goal is to have the data collection completed by the October MASN Conference.  Many hands can make light(er) work.

Thank you, MASN