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NASN Seeking MT School Nurses to Participate in a T1D Pilot Project

Posted 3 months ago in Employment opportunity

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Calling All School Nurses in AZ, ME, MT, and OH

Do you currently care for students with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)? Are you looking for evidence-based resources and educational opportunities to stay current with best practices care and technology advances? The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) is looking for School Nurses to participate in our project promoting evidence-based care for students with T1D: Providing Coordinated Care and Capturing Outcomes for Students with T1D: School Nurse-led Pilot Project.


Participation criteria:

  • RN school nurse
  • At least 3 students w/ T1D in identified school (ideally over 5)
  • Current method of documentation for T1D care (ideally EHR, but not required)

Expectations for Participating School Nurses:

  • Participation/completion of NASN’s new T1D national curriculum 
  • Participation/completion of new T1D state-specific curriculum
  • Assessment of current school policies and procedures related to T1D care 
  • Collect school demographics 
  • Implement the School-Nurse Led T1D Active Surveillance Process
  • Monthly data collection/submission regarding T1D care
  • Participate in yearly project evaluation 

Benefits of Participation:

  • Access to NASN’s new T1D evidence-based school nurse curriculum
  • 1:1 project-based technical assistance to support your care of students w/T1D
  • $2000 honorarium at the end of each school year of project

For More Information and Questions:

Please complete the following School Nurse Interest Form

or contact Dr. Kimberly Stanislo (project PI)

This study has been reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB), which is a committee that has reviewed this research study to help ensure that your rights and welfare as a research participant are protected and that the research study is carried out in an ethical manner.

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